Wednesday, October 3, 2012

"Go Fast, Take Chances" - Oiselle

A few months ago I applied to be an Oiselle Team Member and Ambassador.  

For those of you who aren’t sure what Oiselle is, here’s a brief rundown:
Oiselle is a Seattle based women’s apparel running company, founded by women (Hi Sally Burgensen!) designed and managed by women, and not only just women, but women RUNNERS. (HOW COOL!?) Their first year on market was in 2007, and they have been coming out with nothing but the best since.

I read on their website that Oiselle selected women to represent their company.  Who wouldn’t want to!?  I figured this was a great example to share my love for running, meet and team up with other women who love to run, AND run in stylish, comfortable gear as well. After applying, I kept running and patiently waiting to hear back.  I kept my fingers crossed and hoped for the best, like always.  I wanted to share the  Oiselle running love with everyone I know!

Finally a couple of weeks later I received an email saying that out of 75 AMAZING women, I was one of 20. Then, I became one of 10, and my inbox was full of “congratulations” and “welcome to the team” emails and tweets!  AHHHHHH!!

I was sent the coolest welcome package ever, filled with a singlet, t-shirt, shorts, arm sleeves, tattoos and coupons.  All made by Oiselle!  All made for me to wear, test out, and give them feedback on.  All for me to represent the company and encourage others to look into the company. I’m so excited, I may just sleep in it all tonight!  ;) 

Oiselle (pronounced wa-zell) is French for the word BIRD.  As a runner, it makes perfect sense.  Running is like gliding, flying.  The sense of freedom, the weightlessness and flight.  Every runner craves that feeling.

I’m excited, HONORED, proud and thankful that I will be representing Oiselle as a athlete, and educating others in the community about their fabulous products.  

Please check out their website -
to learn more about them, the apparel, the wonderful amazing team members, and more.  

This is so extremely exciting, and a dream come true.  My wings are ready to fly, and I can’t wait to see where they take me next.


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